The Journey Begins?

Ideas. Those firings of neurons in our brains that created every piece of technology we use today. “Would a rose smell as sweet by any other name?” Or, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” Nothing but patterned electrons flowing from the mind of a writer to the tip of a pen. We are an exceptional animal, we humans. So different, the Christian Bible says we’re made in the image of God.

Who am I to say we aren’t? I think all of us are exceptional. That’s  why I get so upset when I see people coasting through life, or settling for mere subsistence on a government handout. Humans were never meant to have it easy. Our brains crave input. We need problems to solve, challenges to conquer and a reason to exist. A purpose to our lives. A job.

Now, we all can’t be an Einstein or a Shakespeare, but we can all be productive. We can all add something to society, no matter how small. The next time you’re near a calm pool toss in a tiny pebble. If it’s not windy, and your vantage point is good, you’ll see that one little pebble covers the whole pool with very small concentric rings. That one little action changes everything around it.

We humans are greedy, lustfull, violent, evil and selfish. But, we are also compassionate, generous, selfless, kind and loving. Ahh, love. That immeasurable commodity. That almost magic sensation that transcends our basic human instincts.   We may not be the only sentient beings on the planet.  However to a human, love can be the epitomy of joy and contentment. Or, cause a pain so deep we loose the will to live.

My journey has begun. I am full of ideas. Neurons are flashing in my brain. Electrical impulses travel from my mind at the speed of light to the tip of my finger. Then finally to you. Marvelous isn’t it. To my daughter and wife, who I love with all my heart. Join me on this journey. The trip will do us good.