Because I have To

Why bother putting your thoughts into words when nobody reads them? I’m not special. I don’t have any magical insight into life. But I know one thing. Life is rich, and life is full of life.

As I was watering the container plants this morning I noticed a small black beetle walking across the concrete driveway. It scurried out in the open in what to us would have been an area larger than a dozen football fields. Noticeably alive as it moved on the flat gray surface.

This is the only place in the universe this could happen. No other planet has anything living that we know. Yet here we have life on life. We have so much life we call them pests and kill them by the millions. A minuscule insect, or rodent that on any other planet would be heralded as a miracle, here we destroy with impunity.

Life is more than breathing and procreation. At least for we humans. Life is our chance to live. To grow, create beauty, search for truth and love. It’s also fleeting. Bordered on each end by inability, and only cherished when its time grows short. But why bother? A dog has a more grounded feeling for life than we do. It does what it does. What a dog always does. We drift around like a ship lost at sea. Though we’re the only creature that can actually steer our own course.