Born in the USA

I was born in a little town in Idaho. I’m a 3rd or 4th generation American depending what side of the family you look at. My mother’s people were from Austria, my father’s from Ireland, then Canada. Everyone on the North American continent is an immigrant unless you an indigenous person. My relatives just happened to get here before there were real stringent regulations.

My wife is a Naturalized Citizen. She came here on a Work Visa. She followed all the rules, got her green card, paid thousands of dollars and eventually became a US Citizen. I wish everyone could get to know someone who is a Naturalized Citizen. Maybe then all the malarkey about illegal aliens would finely be dealt with.

Right now we rely on illegal aliens to do our dirty work. They have no protection under our laws, are paid less than the going wage and are trapped in a world of silence. They can’t complain to anyone or they’re out of here. All of this is part of a “wink, wink” economy. Everyone knows it exists, but nobody admits it.

If the truth were told, representatives from our Federal Government would tell you I’m right. Their maids, pool cleaners and gardeners are probably not legal citizens and they’re well aware of it. They pay them less, and work them harder with no repercussions, unless they get caught.

We don’t need a wall. We need to overhaul out Immigration Laws and Agency so we let more hardworking, taxpaying people into our country. Until we do the illegal immigrant circus will never leave town, and the clowns in Washington DC will never quit honking their horns of divisiveness.