The Dog with blue Eyes

A blue eyed dog

on a white tile floor

looks at a black conical hat

worn by witches

The hat of the witch is distorted

the picture slightly askew

how the dog with blue eyes really sees it

is the answer I have now for you

The witch’s hat wouldn’t be shiny

it’s purple and gold not so bright

the distortion would lose much of its luster

however a dog’s eyes excel in low light

To the dog none of this really matters

it’s instinct and smell are what’s keen

seeing mostly grays violet blues and light yellows

is visually all that it needs

Now we humans see a world full of color

our eyes very highly refined

we see hundreds of color variations

and can interpret them all with our mind

However we can’t all seem to live together

although a dog in a pack is at ease

each has their own place within it

but also when living among humans seems pleased

As a pet dogs are not always perfect

but a truer friend you’ll never meet

they may poop pee and get in the garbage

but are loyal don’t lie and can’t cheat

It’s how the dog with blue eyes thinks that’s different

not the colors or shades that it views

it seems to see the best that is in us

that’s the lesson all we humans can use

It was the conical hat

I was supposed to describe

but the dog’s blue eyes intrigued me

so to my muse’s desire I obliged