Zoe’s Backyard Treasure

Zoe was bored. She stretched, stuck her head through the doggy door and looked out into the backyard.

“Hey Zumie, “ she said. “Ya want to go bark at the fence?”

Zumie looked at her with sleepy eyes. “Is someone walking by?”

“No, I just thought it might be fun.”

“It’s more fun if someone’s walking by, I think we should wait.”

Zoe nudged Dudley with her nose. “Do you want to go outside and play?”

“Maybe after I take a nap, Zoe. Now, I’m just too tired.”

Zoe looked at Emma, the oldest dachshund. She usually didn’t like to play. Besides, she was asleep. She patted Daisy on the paw, “Hey Daisy, want to go outside and play?”

“Sure Zoe, what do you want to do?”

“Let’s go dig a hole.”

“Sounds like fun. Where should we dig it?” Daisy asked.

“Let’s dig it behind the Garden Shed. That way the big man and lady won’t see it.”

Daisy smiled, “Perfect.”

Daisy and Zoe ran to the Garden Shed and sniffed around until they found a spot that smelled just right. They started scratching at the dirt and soon had a very nice hole. “Boy Daisy,” said Zoe. “This is sure a neat hole. We should pretend we’re pirates digging for treasure.”

“That’s a great idea,” Daisy replied. “That makes it more exciting.”

The two dogs dug until Daisy called out, “Hey Zoe, I found a bone.”

“Me too, Daisy. A nice big one. It’s just like finding a real pirate treasure.”

Zoe and Daisy carried their bones out into the warm grass and gnawed and chewed until Dudley and Zumie walked up.

“Those sure look like nice bones,” said Dudley.

“Yeah,” agreed Zumie. “They look delicious.”

“They are,” Zoe replied. “We were playing pirates, and we found a treasure.”

Zumie looked at Dudley. “The next time Zoe asks me to play, I’m going to say yes,”

“Me too,” agreed Dudley. “Now, where’s that hole, Zoe? Maybe if I dig deeper I can find more treasure.”

“Do you mind if I join you, Dudley?”

“That would be great, Zumie. It will be a lot easier digging if there are two of us.”

Zoe was proud of herself for finding such a nice bone. As she chewed, she noticed Emma walk out the doggy door and lay down in the warm grass. It’s too bad Emma is so old. She thought. Emma can’t dig holes anymore, she’ll never be able to find a neat treasure like I did. Then Zoe had an idea. She picked up her bone and carried it over to Emma.

“Here Emma,” she said. “I know you can’t dig holes anymore, so I thought I’d share my bone with you.” Emma just looked at her. Oh, that’s right, Emma can’t hear. Zoe pushed the bone closer and said in a loud bark. “It’s for you.”

“Thank you little dog,” replied Emma. “It looks delicious.”

Zoe nodded and walked back to Daisy.

“Why did you give Emma your bone?”

“I thought she needed it more than I did,” Zoe replied. “Besides, I can always go dig up another.”

“Why don’t we share my bone?” suggested Daisy. “I’m sure it’s big enough for both of us.”

“Really?” exclaimed Zoe.

“Yes,” Daisy replied. “Some treasures are better if you share them.”

The End