Donald Trump’s Divine Protection from Venereal disease

I’ve heard disparaging remarks regarding President Trump’s five draft deferments during the Vietnam War. These deferments weren’t unusual…if you came from a rich or politically connected family, so just ignore them. Former Vice President Dick Chaney was deferred, as was former President Bill Clinton. Both of these men are revered, so Mr. Trump’s deferments put him in good company.

Just because Mr. Trump never knew the horrors of war, doesn’t mean he didn’t empathize with Vietnam Veterans. In a 1997 interview with syndicated radio host Howard Stern, Mr. Trump noted that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases was like his “personal Vietnam.” “It is a dangerous world out there. It’s scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam era,…”I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”*

I believe God was protecting Mr. Trump’s health by guiding his manhood into only pure and safe passages. The Almighty knew our future leader’s promiscuity endangered his health and divinely ensured that every honeypot he dipped into was sweet and healthy. This is why we need Donald Trump running our country. He understands the rigor of the soldiers life under fire, and is protected by God the Almighty Himself. God Bless America. God Bless Donald Trump.

* Donald Trump’s Military Cowardice Goes Beyond His 5 Draft Deferrals

He continuously disrespects those who actually served.


AUGUST 3, 2017