Which words do you Beleive?

President Trump’s supporters will tell you he’s doing exactly what they elected him to do. He’s shaking up the system. He’s draining the bureaucratic swamp. They’ll also tell you he’s not a politician, he’s a businessman. A salesman and self-promoter who sometimes exaggerates the truth. For instance, the crowd at his inauguration wasn’t the largest ever measured on the National Mall. He said it was, but it wasn’t.

Mr. Trump said he was going to build a wall between the US and Mexico and Mexico was going to pay for it. Mexico isn’t. Mr. Trump’s says the media is corrupt. He says the government is corrupt. Yet he believes the media if it portrays him in a favorable light and the government if it shows the economy is good. That’s the problem.

Which of his words do you believe? We know we can’t believe everything he says. He says anything he wants. He muddies the facts and plays fast and loose with the truth. He panders to his base and ignores everyone else. But he can’t, really. As the Republicans always say: Mr. Trump was duly elected. He’s the President of the United States so get over it.

The problem is we can’t believe what he says. Sure, some things are only wrong by a matter of degrees. Like how many people attended his inauguration. But, what if sometime all of America needs to believe what he tells us, not just his followers, everyone. What if President Trump finds it necessary to send troops into harms way. Or, there is a major catastrophe and we look to the Federal Government for leadership? What if President Trump’s words are only believed by half of the American people?

I’ve heard Mr. Trump’s closest supporters unashamedly admitt he lies. They say that’s just the way he is. I’ve heard people who voted for him say the same thing. They say as long as he’s pro-life, pro-gun, anti-immigrant and puts conservative judges in the judiciary they don’t care.

That brings me to the impeachment hearings. Of course his supporters think it’s a waste of time. Even the elected Republican Representatives and Senators don’t take it seriously. The facts show pretty clearly that he asked President Zelensky to help get dirt on Joe Biden. The last time I checked 70% of Americans believe Mr. Trump’s actions in Ukraine were wrong or illegal. Add this to the fact that Mr. Trump is a known liar and I don’t think there’s any doubt he should be impeached.

All these points are minuscule compared to the constitutional crisis Mr. Trump and the Republican’s have brought us to. If nothing is done, and Mr. Trump gets away with his lies and shady dealings, what will stop another president from doing the same thing? What if this president is a Democrat?

Certainly, the Republicans wouldn’t stand up for someone from the Democratic Party who did the same things as Mr. Trump. That’s the crisis. Our Constitution will quickly become worthless if we don’t respect and follow it. All our freedoms will be at risk as will the foundation of our government. So I ask again: Which words do you believe?