Witnessing History: December 4th, 2019

It’s my hope that individual citizens will take time to record their thoughts during this historic time in our country. I’m writing this for the future with the full understanding that I am biased and uneducated in the law. I have never been a fan of President Trump’s. I believe him to be the worst kind human being. Morally degenerate, self serving, crude, simple and dishonest.

Yet, it would be unfair to history if I didn’t mention that the people who like the president do so with an almost slave-like devotion. They rank him a better president than Abraham Lincoln and could see him being a kind of dictator for life. To his followers, President Trump is America. Any attack on him is in effect, an attack on our country.

Today was the first day of the House Judiciary Committee hearings. They’re hearing from four Constitutional Scholars. Three were chosen by the Democrats and one the Republicans. Johnathan Turley is the only scholar the Republicans were allowed to choose. This marks the major contention of the whole process because it is being done strictly on party lines. The Democrats are for the president‘s impeachment, the Republicans against.

Professor Turley made a good point. He said we are rushing this impeachment and there are still witnesses we need to hear from. These witnesses have been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives and are waiting for a court to decide if they need to comply with their subpoenas. He’s urging everyone to slow down and let the courts do their work.

Although he has a point, one of the main reasons these witnesses didn’t completely with the House’s subpoenas is because the president ordered them not too. Mr. Trump has implied he has almost unlimited power and can override a subpoena. The problem I see with his argument is that its never been tested in court. If we are to go with Professor Turley‘s theory that we haven’t let the courts rule. Then why didn’t the president motion the courts to rule whether he has the power to ignore the subpoenas?

The answer is, the president didn’t want to know. We are in such a politically divided time that whatever is decided by these proceedings is bound to be partisan. Therefore, I see no reason to wait for the courts to rule. If they ruled in favor of the Democrats it will be contested as surely as if they ruled in favor of the Republicans.

This is all for now.