The Trump Impeachment, Dec. 5th, 2019 6:53 PM

These are my thoughts. I’m recording them for the future. We are going through historic times and I encourage you all to do the same.

I saw Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announce the drafting of Articles of Impeachment against President Trump today on YouTube. Since I’m writing this with the idea it’s a record for the future I thought I should tell you how I felt when I heard. It made me both worried and sad. I have never liked the president, but I don’t like impeachment either. I’m not going to laugh and dance with glee because that’s not how I feel.

There is so much partisanship in America today. I must stress how nasty it is. I know both the Republicans and Democrats call each other names. The Republicans are sometimes called the Repugnicants or tRumpers. while the Democrats are called Dems, elitists, libs (liberals), lefties among other things. The president also calls names. President Trump called Rep. Adam Schiff a ‘deranged human being,’ at the NATO Conference yesterday (12-4-2019)

I’m also concerned there may be violence. My gut tells me it will mostly be from Mr. Trump’s supporters as we’ve already had mass shootings by white nationalists and white supremacists. I don’t think the president encourages this behavior but these groups seem naturally drawn to him. There is also a group of supposed anti- fascists called Antifa that uses violence. There is no decorum anymore, and like I said earlier truth is debatable.

We went almost 100 years between the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson and the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Now we’ve had three impeachment’s in the past 40 some years. Has society broken down that much? The Press is denigrated. People are dying from measles an easily preventable disease, and more and more people believe the earth is actually flat.

I think it’s a forgone conclusion the president will be exonerated by the Senate . However, I still think the president needs to be impeached. The president has ignored requests for documents and for people to testify in this Ukraine scandal. If he was innocent wouldn’t you think he’d give the Congress the documents and let his people testify? Just because it’s not likely Mr. Trump will be removed from office doesn’t mean you should just ignore his wrong doing. Doing what is right is not a popularity contest.

I hesitate to mention this but I believe that part of the reason Mr. Trump is the darling of Evangelical Christian’s is because they believe he can bring about the second coming of Christ. He moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem despite the fact it will make it harder to come to some kind of peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel. I don’t know. Can the intentional acts of humans effect the plans of an all powerful God? My logical thinking says no.

I’ve been listening to a little of a Fox New’s interview with Rep. Devon Nunes. I hear he only does interviews on Fox. I hope all his constituents watch Fox or they’re out of luck. The impression I get is he thinks Adam Schiff violated his rights by getting his phone records. As far as I can tell, nobody got Mr. Nunes phone records. They got Rudy Giuliani’s and Lev Parnas’s phone records and his number showed up.

More later.