Trump Impeachment, Dec. 6th, 2019

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley, the lone Republican expert to testify at the Judiciary Committee’s hearing says the university is being inundated with calls he be fired. This is a good example of how contentious things are. I’m assuming it would be left-leaning people who are upset with him for stating a legal opinion. This illustrates that both the Democrats and Republicans are running on pure emotion not rational thinking.

Author Steven King made an interesting point when he tweeted (a tweet is a short message sent out on the social media app. Twitter.) He tweeted that since Hillary Clinton won a majority of the votes in the last election we weren’t actually overturning the election of a popularly elected president. It’s an interesting point. One thing you should know is like war, the first casualty of intrenched politics is the truth. Everything is powered by opinion.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said all roads lead to Russia. President Trump only won election in 2016 with the help of Russia. Take note. There is and has been Russian interference in our elections. This is not acceptable.

It’s my hope that when you’re reading this in the future time will have settled all the lies.