Trump Impeachment Dec. 6th, 2019 5:30 PM

President Trump decided not to be represented by legal council during his impeachment hearing. He also presented a list of proposed witnesses. I will include pictures of this list and the president’s attorney’s letters. The Democrats haven’t formally issued the charges of impeachment. However, I can tell by the list of proposed witnesses the president and the Republicans are going to try and bluster and play to the president’s base.

I have no idea how these people are going to excuse their behavior in the future. It is going to look corrupt and baseless. It will make a joke of the Constitutional duties of the House of Representatives, and his supporters will all look like fools. Yes, it is more than probable President Trump will be found innocent on all charges in the Senate. It will be a straight party line vote. Oddly enough, I believe there will be Democrats in the House that’ll vote to acquit Mr. Trump. I believe this is because they are worried about being re-elected. Impeachment at its basest is purely a political process so I guess I’ll give these people the benefit of the doubt. However, after viewing, and reading some of the testimony I don’t see how they can justify their decisions.

Mr. Trump’s supporters believe the Democrats are making a mockery of the Constitution. It is their sincere belief the president did nothing wrong and the Democrats are simply trying to overturn the 2016 election. I have endeavored to follow the hearings with an open mind. I’ve even questioned my thoughts and conclusions because of my inherent bias. Even doing this I still came to the same conclusion. The president is guilty.

Mr. Trump’s excuse for holding up the military aid owed Ukraine was he was concerned about corruption. If you read the transcript of the July phone call, and look at the witness list you’ll see the only company he was concerned with being corrupt was Burisma, the oil company Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was on the board of directors of. He didn’t mention any other company or enterprise. Also, when he requested the investigation Mr. Trump and his lackeys didn’t even care if there was one. All Mr. Trump wanted Ukrainian President Zelensky to do is say there were investigating Joe and Hunter Biden.

I am anxious to see what the future holds.