The President Needs to focus on Dishwashers

In a funny way the president is right about water saving devices and fixtures. Many times they don’t save water. I’ve never flushed a toilet ‘ten or fifteen times’ but I’ve flushed more than once. As far as washing my hands I’ve used some lavatory faucets that were barely adequate. But my biggest gripes are with automatic dishwashers.

I had an old Maytag dishwasher I used to load with dirty dishes. I didn’t rinse them, I just put them in. They came out clean. I have a newer dishwasher that complies with the new water use regulations and I need to rinse them. I’m not saving any water. The dishwasher uses less because I use more water to rinse them first. It’s a game.

I have an older top load washer. It’s not water saving compliant but I only have to wash things once. I’ve talked to people who have water saving clothes washers who need to do a load twice to get them clean. There’s no water being saved when you do that. You go Mr. President. You may be a chiseling rat bastard, but this whole water saving thing needs to be scrutinized. Especially those non-dish washing dishwashers.