The Trump Impeachment, Saturday Dec. 7th, 2019

My Grandpa Ready would be 120 years old today. It’s also the ‘Day that will live in infamy,’ (December 7th, 1941) the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The greatest generation that saved the world from an all powerful populist leader wouldn’t have to look toward the Führer in Germany. All they’d need to do is look in the White House.

I’m hearing more and more about Russia interfering in our country. It’s been said virtually all the leaders in the White House are either traitors or Russian stooges. Just so you know, I believe Russia helped Donald Trump get elected in 2016. He may even be a Russian asset. When this is read in the future maybe you’ll know the answer. I hope I’m wrong.

Trump Impeachment Dec. 6th, 2019 5:30 PM

President Trump decided not to be represented by legal council during his impeachment hearing. He also presented a list of proposed witnesses. I will include pictures of this list and the president’s attorney’s letters. The Democrats haven’t formally issued the charges of impeachment. However, I can tell by the list of proposed witnesses the president and the Republicans are going to try and bluster and play to the president’s base.

I have no idea how these people are going to excuse their behavior in the future. It is going to look corrupt and baseless. It will make a joke of the Constitutional duties of the House of Representatives, and his supporters will all look like fools. Yes, it is more than probable President Trump will be found innocent on all charges in the Senate. It will be a straight party line vote. Oddly enough, I believe there will be Democrats in the House that’ll vote to acquit Mr. Trump. I believe this is because they are worried about being re-elected. Impeachment at its basest is purely a political process so I guess I’ll give these people the benefit of the doubt. However, after viewing, and reading some of the testimony I don’t see how they can justify their decisions.

Mr. Trump’s supporters believe the Democrats are making a mockery of the Constitution. It is their sincere belief the president did nothing wrong and the Democrats are simply trying to overturn the 2016 election. I have endeavored to follow the hearings with an open mind. I’ve even questioned my thoughts and conclusions because of my inherent bias. Even doing this I still came to the same conclusion. The president is guilty.

Mr. Trump’s excuse for holding up the military aid owed Ukraine was he was concerned about corruption. If you read the transcript of the July phone call, and look at the witness list you’ll see the only company he was concerned with being corrupt was Burisma, the oil company Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was on the board of directors of. He didn’t mention any other company or enterprise. Also, when he requested the investigation Mr. Trump and his lackeys didn’t even care if there was one. All Mr. Trump wanted Ukrainian President Zelensky to do is say there were investigating Joe and Hunter Biden.

I am anxious to see what the future holds.

Trump Impeachment, Dec. 6th, 2019

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley, the lone Republican expert to testify at the Judiciary Committee’s hearing says the university is being inundated with calls he be fired. This is a good example of how contentious things are. I’m assuming it would be left-leaning people who are upset with him for stating a legal opinion. This illustrates that both the Democrats and Republicans are running on pure emotion not rational thinking.

Author Steven King made an interesting point when he tweeted (a tweet is a short message sent out on the social media app. Twitter.) He tweeted that since Hillary Clinton won a majority of the votes in the last election we weren’t actually overturning the election of a popularly elected president. It’s an interesting point. One thing you should know is like war, the first casualty of intrenched politics is the truth. Everything is powered by opinion.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said all roads lead to Russia. President Trump only won election in 2016 with the help of Russia. Take note. There is and has been Russian interference in our elections. This is not acceptable.

It’s my hope that when you’re reading this in the future time will have settled all the lies.

The Trump Impeachment, Dec. 5th, 2019 6:53 PM

These are my thoughts. I’m recording them for the future. We are going through historic times and I encourage you all to do the same.

I saw Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announce the drafting of Articles of Impeachment against President Trump today on YouTube. Since I’m writing this with the idea it’s a record for the future I thought I should tell you how I felt when I heard. It made me both worried and sad. I have never liked the president, but I don’t like impeachment either. I’m not going to laugh and dance with glee because that’s not how I feel.

There is so much partisanship in America today. I must stress how nasty it is. I know both the Republicans and Democrats call each other names. The Republicans are sometimes called the Repugnicants or tRumpers. while the Democrats are called Dems, elitists, libs (liberals), lefties among other things. The president also calls names. President Trump called Rep. Adam Schiff a ‘deranged human being,’ at the NATO Conference yesterday (12-4-2019)

I’m also concerned there may be violence. My gut tells me it will mostly be from Mr. Trump’s supporters as we’ve already had mass shootings by white nationalists and white supremacists. I don’t think the president encourages this behavior but these groups seem naturally drawn to him. There is also a group of supposed anti- fascists called Antifa that uses violence. There is no decorum anymore, and like I said earlier truth is debatable.

We went almost 100 years between the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson and the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Now we’ve had three impeachment’s in the past 40 some years. Has society broken down that much? The Press is denigrated. People are dying from measles an easily preventable disease, and more and more people believe the earth is actually flat.

I think it’s a forgone conclusion the president will be exonerated by the Senate . However, I still think the president needs to be impeached. The president has ignored requests for documents and for people to testify in this Ukraine scandal. If he was innocent wouldn’t you think he’d give the Congress the documents and let his people testify? Just because it’s not likely Mr. Trump will be removed from office doesn’t mean you should just ignore his wrong doing. Doing what is right is not a popularity contest.

I hesitate to mention this but I believe that part of the reason Mr. Trump is the darling of Evangelical Christian’s is because they believe he can bring about the second coming of Christ. He moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem despite the fact it will make it harder to come to some kind of peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel. I don’t know. Can the intentional acts of humans effect the plans of an all powerful God? My logical thinking says no.

I’ve been listening to a little of a Fox New’s interview with Rep. Devon Nunes. I hear he only does interviews on Fox. I hope all his constituents watch Fox or they’re out of luck. The impression I get is he thinks Adam Schiff violated his rights by getting his phone records. As far as I can tell, nobody got Mr. Nunes phone records. They got Rudy Giuliani’s and Lev Parnas’s phone records and his number showed up.

More later.

December 5th, The Trump Impeachment

I’ve had a chance to see some of the televised reports on yesterday’s Judicial Committee hearings. I’ve lived through three impeachment’s in my life. Nixon, Clinton and now Trump. As I said before I’m biased. I consider myself a Republican but not a Trump supporter. In today’s vernacular I’d be called a ‘never Trumper.’

I think President Clinton should have been impeached. I think he lied under oath, and as president he should be held to a higher standard. If he hadn’t lied under oath I would have considered his affair with Monica Lewinsky a family issue between he and his wife.

Devon Nunes, the ranking Republican member of the Intelligence Committee is involved in this. There are phone records of him talking to Rudy Giuliani and a man named Lev Parnas. Giuliani is supposed to be the president‘s lawyer, Lev Parnas is under indictment.

Professor Pamela Karlan made a remark about the president’s son Baron. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but she later apologized. She made a good point about President Trump’s remark about investigating Joe and Hunter Biden. The president didn’t care if there was an investigation by Ukraine, he just wanted them to say they were. He just wanted to be able to say his political opponent was being investigated.

I can’t stress how blind the president‘s supporters are. There is a news network called Fox News. They are very pro Republican and Trump and they are worse than useless. The people that watch it are never going to understand what’s happening because they don’t tell them. It’s propaganda.

If the president and his followers hear something on the news they don’t like they call it ‘fake news.’ Because of this there aren’t any facts anymore. I don’t understand how the Republicans could have fallen so far.

When the Senate starts the trial I believe none of the Republican Senators will vote to impeach. Truth makes no difference. The only thing Mr. Trump’s followers care about are the second amendment, being anti abortion, building a wall between Mexico and the United States and illegal immigrants. They say they are Christian but I don’t see it.

I think racism plays a big role in everything that’s going on. The United States is changing. White people will be in the minority in the next 30 years. There are a lot of whites that don’t want that to happen. It is a sorry state of affairs.

Witnessing History: December 4th, 2019

It’s my hope that individual citizens will take time to record their thoughts during this historic time in our country. I’m writing this for the future with the full understanding that I am biased and uneducated in the law. I have never been a fan of President Trump’s. I believe him to be the worst kind human being. Morally degenerate, self serving, crude, simple and dishonest.

Yet, it would be unfair to history if I didn’t mention that the people who like the president do so with an almost slave-like devotion. They rank him a better president than Abraham Lincoln and could see him being a kind of dictator for life. To his followers, President Trump is America. Any attack on him is in effect, an attack on our country.

Today was the first day of the House Judiciary Committee hearings. They’re hearing from four Constitutional Scholars. Three were chosen by the Democrats and one the Republicans. Johnathan Turley is the only scholar the Republicans were allowed to choose. This marks the major contention of the whole process because it is being done strictly on party lines. The Democrats are for the president‘s impeachment, the Republicans against.

Professor Turley made a good point. He said we are rushing this impeachment and there are still witnesses we need to hear from. These witnesses have been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives and are waiting for a court to decide if they need to comply with their subpoenas. He’s urging everyone to slow down and let the courts do their work.

Although he has a point, one of the main reasons these witnesses didn’t completely with the House’s subpoenas is because the president ordered them not too. Mr. Trump has implied he has almost unlimited power and can override a subpoena. The problem I see with his argument is that its never been tested in court. If we are to go with Professor Turley‘s theory that we haven’t let the courts rule. Then why didn’t the president motion the courts to rule whether he has the power to ignore the subpoenas?

The answer is, the president didn’t want to know. We are in such a politically divided time that whatever is decided by these proceedings is bound to be partisan. Therefore, I see no reason to wait for the courts to rule. If they ruled in favor of the Democrats it will be contested as surely as if they ruled in favor of the Republicans.

This is all for now.

My childhood and the Southgate Plaza

Photo by Ken Sundvik

A huge part of my childhood revolved around the Southgate Plaza Shopping Center. My family moved to Lewiston in 1971 into the big house on the corner of Seventh and Warner. Mom and Dad bought it from a family named Chamberlain but some people still called it the Fair house. It was the perfect house to be a kid and it was within walking distance of the store.

The Southgate Plaza of my youth had an A&W Drive In, a Green Stamp Store, a Liquor Store, The Big V Department Store with its garden center, McPherson’s a supermarket, Marketime Drug (it had a small Post Office), Sprouse Reitz a variety store and on the west end a Barber Shop and Laundromat. I think Poleson Realty and a few other businesses were located there too.

Coming from the small towns of Cottonwood Idaho, where I was born, and Kamiah Idaho, where I finished Third Grade, Lewiston was a big city. The Southgate Plaza with its multiple stores was like paradise for a kid with a few quarters. You couldn’t get better root beer than from the A&W. I remember their root beer came in iced glass mugs and were sized Papa, Mama, Grandpa, Teen and Baby.

The Big V seemed to have everything. It had lawnmowers and pantyhose. Hunting and camping supplies and dinnerware. Nuts, bolts, tools, motor oil and just about everything but food. It closed when Ernst Hardware moved to the Orchards in 1995 or 96. Within a few months of closing the whole Ernst Hardware chain went out of business. I still miss The Big V.

I learned to shop in McPherson’s. Since we were so close to the store Mom would have me or one of my brothers or sisters run up for items. Mom could really get the most out of her shopping money and she expected us kids to as well. We bought a lot of Western Family and Tastewell canned food. But we were also expected to get the best price per ounce so we learned practical math.

They wrote the prices on the cans in grease pencil. There were no scanners just cash registers. I remember this one cashier named Irene. She used to call out all the prices as she punched the register keys, and a twenty nine, and a sixty three…I can still hear her today. I think McPherson’s became Family Foods then Rosauers.

Marketime Drug and Sprouse Reitz were my favorite. Merle Dalton owned Marketime and Mrs. McCallum was the manager of Sprouse Reitz. Marketime had toys and a big cigar humidor in the front of the store. They sold candy, pop and ice cream bars too. We’d mail our letters there and spend our allowance in the 25 cent toy bin. You could get some great stuff if you dug a little.

My favorite holiday is Halloween and we’d make a trip up to Sprouse Reitz practically every day when the Halloween decorations came in. These weren’t the fancy decorations you see today. No, they were mostly articulated black cats and skeletons or cardboard jack o lanterns. We bought the heck out of them though, and our whole house had them taped up all over.

I marvel at my Mom. We didn’t have a washer or dryer until I was in High School, so early every Saturday she’d load up our dirty clothes and drive or walk to the Laundromat. If she had to walk we kids helped her carry the clothes in boxes. There were six kids and two adults. That was a lot of clothes. She’d wash them all and then carry the wet clothes home to hang on the wash line.

I guess today most people wouldn’t put up with something like that. The funny thing is though that doing things the hard way makes me appreciate how easy I have it now. My childhood was golden. I can think of a million places to start telling a story. The Southgate Plaza isn’t the same and never will be. Now that I’m older, if I don’t tell someone about it, you might never hear what it was like. Lucky most of my brothers and sisters are still around. Oh, and there’s this story too.